Hands-On STEM for Elementary Kids



Hands-On STEM for Elementary Kids has specially been designed for pre-teens to introduce them to the wonders of electronics, physical computing, and robotics through exciting hands-on STEM activities designed keeping in mind the fact that these years are when the skill development process in children is the most active. With its clear explanations and an assortment of exciting STEM activities for kids, Hands-On STEM for Elementary Kids will have students building their own DIY projects with ease.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will have a basic understanding of electronics, physical computing, and robotics. The activities in this curriculum, focusing on experiential learning, will help them develop skills such as DIY-ing, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

Learning Hours
2 - 4

Curriculum Lesson Plan

Module 1: Plug and Play

Students will be introduced to the basic electronic components with the help of engaging hands-on STEM activities based on evive.


Lesson 1.1: Conductors and Insulators


Lesson 1.2: Touch Piano

Lesson 1.3: Controlling Motors – Mini Windmill

Lesson 1.4: Servo Motor – Tobi’s Head Moves

Module 2: Basics of Block Programming

Students will be introduced to the basics of programming and will learn how to create animations, stories, and their own games in PictoBlox, a blocks-based graphical programming software.

Lesson 2.1: Animating a Sprite

Lesson 2.2: Walking Animation

Lesson 2.3: Playing Sounds

Lesson 2.4: Let's Chat!

Lesson 2.5: Story Making – Once Upon a Time

Lesson 2.6: Let’s Play!

Module 3: Physical Computing for Pre-teens

Students will be introduced to physical computing with the help of several hands-on STEM activities based on evive. 

Lesson 3.1: Jumping Tobi

Lesson 3.2: Musical Party

Lesson 3.3: Scuba Diving

Lesson 3.4: Beetle in the Maze

Lesson 3.5: Musical Drums using Touch Sensors

Lesson 3.6: Programmable Windmill

Lesson 3.7: DIY Tollbooth

TFT Draw Image Smile

Lesson 3.8: Animating emojis on evive Display

Smartphone Controlled Robot

Lesson 3.9: Programming a Robot

Lesson 3.10: Running a Robot Along a Square

Capstone Project

The final lesson of the Artificial Intelligence for Kids (Block Coding) curriculum for schools is where students get to apply all the concepts they have learned in the previous sections to make a project to solve a real-world problem of their choice.

What will you need to Conduct this Curriculum?


STEM Classroom Bundle

The perfect Starter Package for schools to implement STEM, electronics, and robotics education.


PictoBlox Software

Graphical Programming Software for kids to make games, animation, and program robots. 

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