Robotics for Kids – Level 2


Electronics for Kids – Level 2 is a part of the specially-designed high school STEM curriculum curated by curriculum experts for kids to delve deeper into electronics through STEM projects such as understanding the effect of series and parallel connections in a circuit, visualizing analog and digital signals, visualizing an RC circuit, making DIY goggles, etc.

With its clear explanations and an assortment of exciting STEM projects, Electronics for Kids – Level 2 will have students building complex yet exciting DIY electronics projects in no time.

Learning Outcomes

After completing Electronics for Kids – Level 2, students will have a basic understanding of analog and digital electronic circuits with the help of a wide variety of projects.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this STEM curriculum will also help them develop important skills such as problem-solving and debugging techniques, DIY-ing, teamwork, and creativity.

Learning Hours

Curriculum Lesson Plan

Module 1: Robotics the DIY Way

Students will get to build 5-6 robots on their own right from the assembly to logic to writing the code to debug the robot wherein they’ll get learn several concepts that are widely used in the robotics industry.

Lesson 1.1: Joystick Controlled Robot – Assembly

Lesson 1.2: Joystick Controlled Robot – Circuitry

Lesson 1.3: Joystick Controlled Robot – Programming


Lesson 1.4: Gesture-Controlled Robot – Sensor


Lesson 1.5: Gesture Controlled Robot – Programming

Lesson 1.6: Obstacle Avoiding Robot – Part 1

Lesson 1.7: Obstacle Avoiding Robot – Part 2

Pick and Place Robot

Lesson 1.8: Pick and Place Robot – Assembly

Pick and Place Robot

Lesson 1.9: Pick and Place Robot – Programming

Line Follower Robot

Lesson 1.10: Line Following Robot using IR Sensor – Circuitry

Line Follower Robot

Lesson 1.11: Line Following Robot using IR Sensor – Programming

Capstone Project

The final lesson of the Physical Computing for Kids – Level 2 curriculum for schools is where students get to apply all the concepts they have learned in the previous sections to make a project to solve a real-world problem of their choice.

What will you need to Conduct this Curriculum?


STEM Classroom Bundle

The perfect Starter Package for schools to implement STEM, electronics, and robotics education.


PictoBlox Software

Graphical Programming Software for kids to make games, animation, and program robots. 

Dabble app featured

Dabble Ap

Smartphone app that lets you control the projects wirelessly.

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