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slide switch () is in the state ()?


Slide switch () is in the state ()? block is an evive block and a boolean block.

evive has two slide switches both of which have 3 states :

  1. Slide up (state 1)
  2. Slide down (state 2)
  3. Middle (OFF)

evive Slide Switch

The block check takes the slide switch number (1 or 2) and state to be checked for (Up or Down) as input and returns “True” if the slide switch is in the specified state and “False” if it is not in the specified state.

evive Notes Icon
Note: This block is available in both Upload mode and Stage mode.


  1. Sprite moves forward if slide switch 1 is Up, and moves backward if the switch is Down else the sprite does not move.
    slide switch example
  2. In this script, if slide switch 2 is slid up (state 1), the LED on evive (connected to pin 13), glows.
    slide switch example 2


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