is () pressed on gamepad?

is pressed on gamepad


Is () pressed on gamepad? block is a stack boolean block available in Dabble extension for evive and other Arduino boards.

The GamePad Module is one of the input modules, using which user can give commands to the device using buttons and potentiometer present in different layouts:

  1. Digital Mode
  2. Joystick Mode
  3. Accelerometer Mode

Game Pad_Connected

You can toggle between the different modes using setting option present on the top right corner of the module.

There are 10 digital buttons in the gamepad module, whose data is sent to the device when they are pressed or released. The block reports whether the button is currently pressed on the gamepad or not. If the chosen button is pressed, then it returns true, else it returns false.

You can choose the button from the drop-down menu:

is pressed on gamepad 2

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Note: This block is available in both Upload mode and Stage mode.


  1. In this example, we are controlling a robot using the gamepad digital mode of Dabble app.
    dabble gamepad mobile robot example


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