set text color () with () background & size ()

set text color background and size block


Set text color () with () background & size () block is a stack block available in evive display extension. The block sets a text color (choose from the color selector), a particular background color (choose from the color selector) and the text size (value varying from 1 to 7) for the text.

Different Text Sizes

evive TFT Display set colorHello World with text size 1 and yellow color.

evive TFT Display set text sizeHello World with text size 2.

Input Parameters

  1. Text color to be displayed using the color picker.
  2. The background color of the text using the color picker.
  3. The text size which can vary from 1 to 7. 1 being the smallest and 7 being the biggest.
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Note: This block is available in both Upload mode and Stage mode.


  1. In this script, we have changed the text color (default is white) and set the background to black using the set text color () with () background & size () block and fill screen with () color respectively. The cursor is at (50, 50) and we write “Hello World!” using the write () block.
    Text size example
  2. In this example, we are changing the color of the text and writing “Hello World” at three different locations on the TFT display.
    text background example


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