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Example Description
Learn to Reverse a string in Python using string reversal function. Simply input a string and get the reversed string as output.


This Python code demonstrates how to reverse a given string using a string reversal function. By inputting a string, you will receive the reversed string as an output. This code is user-friendly and efficient.


#Function to reverse a string
def reverseString(st):
 newstr = '' #create a new string
 length = len(st)
 for i in range(-1,-length-1,-1):
  newstr += st[i]
 return newstr
#end of function
st = input("Enter a String: ")
st1 = reverseString(st)
print("The original String is:",st)
print("The reversed String is:",st1)


  1. The code defines a function called “reverseString” that takes a string as an argument and returns the reversed string.
  2. Inside the function, it creates a new empty string. Calculates the length of the input string.
  3. Uses a for loop to iterate through the input string in reverse order.
  4. The loop starts from -1 and goes up to -length-1, with a step of -1.
  5. During each iteration, it appends the current character of the input string to the new string.
  6. The main code prompts the user to input a string.
  7. Then, it calls the “reverseString” function with the input string as an argument.
  8. Stores the returned reversed string in the variable “st1”.
  9. Finally, it prints the original string and the reversed string as output.



Enter a String: Hello

>>The original String is: Hello

>>The reversed String is: olleH