evive Joystick | 5-way navigational key

Joystick or 5-way Navigation Key
Learn how to use the evive Joystick with Arduino IDE and PictoBlox programming. Discover how to connect the Joystick to the analog pin A11 and digital pin 19, and control the Joystick according to the direction chosen.


evive has an inbuilt 5-way navigational (or Joystick), which is used to navigate in the evive menu-based system. The navigational key has 4 directions: left, right, up, and down. This information is provided by the analog pin A11.

Joystick or 5-way Navigation Key

Programming in Arduino IDE

The sample code is provided below:

 evive navigational key

Navigational key direction pin is connected to A11.
 Navigational key pushbutton pin is connected to pin 19

This code demonstrates how to use navigational key of evive.
 The code detect the direction on which the key is pressed 
 and displays on serial monitor.

Created by Pankaj Kumar Verma
 On 12 Dec, 2016

This example code is in the public domain.


int navKeyAnalog = A11; // select the analog input pin
int navKeyDigital = 19; // select the digital input pin

void setup() {
 // put your setup code here, to run once:
// open serial port, set data rate at 9600 bps:

// declare the Pin as INPUT:

void loop() {
 // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
// read the input 
int x = analogRead(navKeyAnalog);

// if the key is pressed then the digital pin is HIGH
if (digitalRead(navKeyDigital) == HIGH)

// if the key is in up direction
if (x > 150 && x < 250) { Serial.println("UP"); } // if the key is in right direction else if (x > 400 && x < 500) { Serial.println("RIGHT"); } // if the key is in down direction else if (x > 600 && x < 700) { Serial.println("DOWN"); } // if the key is in left direction else if (x > 800 && x < 900)

The center switch is connected to the digital pin 19 inactive or high mode. This means that if the switch is pressed, then pin 19 is high, otherwise, the pin is LOW.

Programming in PictoBlox

You can get the state of evive Joystick using navigation key is in state () block. This block can be found under the Robots palette in the evive extension. This block checks if the navigation key is in one of the four particular directions. The direction for which you wish to check is your choice and can be chosen from the drop down on the block.

navigation key is in state

evive Notes Icon
Note: This block can be used in Upload Mode as well as in Stage Mode.


  • In this script, the sprite moves up, down, left and right according to using the navigation key.

navigation key example


In conclusion, the evive Joystick allows users to navigate the menubased system and control the sprite in PictoBlox. The Joystick is connected to the analog pin A11 and the center switch is connected to the digital pin 19. Programming in Arduino IDE and PictoBlox allows users to control the Joystick according to the direction chosen.

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