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SecureHome: Advanced Electronic Home Security System

Kabir Agrawal and Tanay Bhuva from International School Mumbai, grade 3 have come up with a cutting-edge, multilevel electronic security system. It utilizes PictoBlox software to bridge the gap between conventional lock-and-key home security systems and modern-day advanced contraptions.

The team employed an Arduino board, NeoPixel LEDs, a motor for the fan, and a Servo motor for the door, along with a webcam camera. PictoBlox includes Display Modules, Lighting, Image Classifier (ML), Text to Speech, and Object Detection that recognize faces and secret gestures.

The automated voice commands include “Close Door”, “Command Fan On”, “Light On”, “Light Off”, etc. This smart security system ensures top-level security. It uses face recognition and matching gesture, automatically opening the door for the rightful entry. Once identified, the person is granted access.

This marvelous invention solves the problem of constant vacancies and theft and uplifts the sense of safety of property owners.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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