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Machine Learning enient and Safe Shopping Experience

The Machine Learning Supported Touchless Smart Vending Device is an innovative solution for a secure and personalized shopping experience. With AI technology, face recognition, and gesture control, this vending machine eliminates physical contact, ensuring hygiene and safety. The device recognizes users through facial recognition, providing a personalized interface without the need for touch. Users can effortlessly navigate the options and make selections through simple hand gestures, completing transactions without physical contact. PictoBlox and various extensions enable the integration of sensors, actuators, and communication functionalities. The touchless vending device minimizes the risk of transmission, making it suitable for hospitals, malls, and public spaces. By automating vending machines and utilizing AI and machine learning, this project demonstrates the potential for touchless technology in different environments. Experience the convenience and safety of touchless shopping with the Machine Learning Supported Touchless Smart Vending Device.

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