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Be My Reader: Smart Ring for Reading Assistance and Word Translation

Be My Reader actively aids blind individuals and young children in reading effortlessly. The smart AI-powered device, created by 15-year-old student Laro from Jordan, captures word images and uses Text-to-Speech Extension to read them aloud. It also translates words and allows users to hear repetitions.

The project supports blind people in reading printed books and medication labels, reducing errors. For young kids, it serves as a fun motivator, encouraging more reading.

Be My Reader incorporates an engaging game inspired by Subway Surfers, reviewing the user’s vocabulary. Users collect coins and power-ups while playing. The game saves translated words for ‘quick power-ups.’ Correct quiz answers enable users to continue playing.

Additionally, it uses IFTTT to send reminders, encouraging users to read. The project is designed to be affordable and helpful.

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