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SPARKY The Smart Park – Play Trash Sorter

The spectacular SPARKY The Smart Park is a revolutionary robot. It is designed to optimize the environment of the park and delight kids. SPARKY has a horde of fantastic features such as collecting litter in sealed bins, dishing out lollipops and other sweet treats, retrieving balls that have gone beyond the boundary, and providing entertainment to cheer up those in a gloomy mood. SPARKY truly adds a cheerful vibe to the park for all visitors to enjoy.

In order to create awareness about the pressing need to save the environment, a student has created an amazing game in PictoBlox for the upcoming Codeavour 2022 competition. The game, Trash Sorter is a fun and intuitive game that encourages children to learn about the importance of sorting the trash. It helps the kids to comprehend the fact that taking up even the minor task of sorting the trash can make a huge difference in safeguarding the environment.

In the game, the mission is to sort the trash into its correct bins. The time limit is 60 seconds. If the trash enters the wrong bin, it will reduce the points. If it touches the ground, it will lead to an explosion sound and further score deduction. The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score.

It is an excellent way to make the children aware and understand the importance of keeping the environment clean. With Trash Sorter, kids can learn to become responsible citizens and do their share in protecting the planet.

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