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Protect Your Home with Automated Gas Leak Detection and Prevention

Protect your home from potential gas leak threats with the Gas Safety System, an automated system designed. The system detects gas leaks using a gas sensor and triggers automated actions. When the system detects a gas leak, it automatically shuts off the gas valve, activates ventilation, and sounds an alarm. After the environment is safe, the alarm turns off, the gas valve opens, and the ventilation deactivates.

PictoBlox, a visual programming language with extensions, was used to create the project. The ‘Sensors’ extension reads data from sensors connected to Evive and Arduino boards. The ‘Actuators’ extension controls actuators like DC motors and servos connected to Evive and Arduino boards. The ‘Dabble’ extension allows communication with Dabble. The ‘Control’ blocks set up the project’s flow in the desired way.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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