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Self Charging Solar Car: Harnessing Renewable Energy for Sustainable Transportation

With the rising need for electric vehicles and declining sources of nonrenewable energy, the challenge of how to charge these vehicles has become increasingly prominent. This project is an innovative and practical solution to the challenge of charging electric vehicles. His creative project, the Self-Charging Solar Car, utilizes the power of renewable energy sources to provide sustainable transportation. It’s a car with solar panels on its roof using LEGO WeDo and renewable energy kits. The car charges itself while moving and during parking through the installed solar panels. PictoBlox platform is utilized with control blocks, text-to-speech, events blocks (Python), and extensions like Amazon Web Services.

The project serves to inspire future students to explore the world of ecofriendly transportation, and better understand the contributions that renewable energy sources can make to the environment. By harnessing renewable energy sources and developing innovative projects, we can have a positive effect on our planet.

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