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QuarkDrive: Intelligent Mobility Solution Using Quarky

An Egyptian student, Yassen Mohamed Gamal Eldeen, has created a project to provide an intelligent mobility solution using Quarky. The project is based on a simulated smart city on a map, populated with various services such as a school, sanctuary, cafe, and hospital. The centerpiece of the project is a smart car that moves around the city using artificial intelligence. The car is programmed to navigate safely, and fulfill people’s transport needs while adhering to traffic signals and avoiding obstacles. After each trip, the car autonomously goes to a charging station for recharging.

A few PictoBlox extensions and libraries were used to create the project. Quarky robot controls the movement of the robot, and a Line Follower robot was used for detecting lines. Text-to-Speech Extension allowed the user to output synthesized speech using Amazon Web Services. Recognition Cards used AI to identify pre-trained recognition cards such as signs, numbers, and other objects.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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