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Wind Sensor Alarme

Our visionary project focuses on promoting environmental well-being and community safety through proactive wind monitoring. By harnessing the power of wind, we aim to reduce electricity consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. Utilizing affordable and eco-friendly windmills, we generate AC voltage and current using a DC motor connected to a battery. Our innovative approach incorporates sensors, an Arduino, and a 16×2 LCD screen to provide real-time voltage and amperage readings. Through careful calculations, we determine power consumption in watts and display it on the LCD screen. To ensure community safety, we employ diode indicators that activate based on voltage thresholds: the green diode for normal wind speeds, the yellow diode for medium speeds requiring caution, and an alarm in the DABBLE application for high wind speeds indicating the need to seek shelter. All information is seamlessly transmitted via a Bluetooth transmitter to the DABBLE application for convenient monitoring. We take pride in using recycled materials like plastic, cardboard, and wood, contributing to environmental preservation. Join us in creating a sustainable future and transforming our country into a greener and safer place. Wind energy is a crucial part of humanity’s future once fossil fuel resources are depleted.