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AI Sign Language Interpreter and Emergency System

This incredible Codeavour 2022 project is aimed at enhancing health infrastructure for individuals with communication disabilities, particularly sign language users. Youssef has developed an AI Sign Language Interpreter and Emergency System, combining hardware and software components. With an Arduino Uno, buttons, and LED, he created the hardware. He used Pictoblox’s ML environment and Teachable Machine for the software.

The project consists of two essential parts: hardware and software. The software features two modes – “Testing” for AI algorithm evaluation and “Emergency Service Center” for training the AI to recognize emergency gestures. The hardware setup comprises an Arduino board connected to multiple buttons and an LED light. The buttons enable mode selection, word or letter interpretation, and emergency call activation.

During critical situations, individuals with communication disabilities can use the AI Sign Language Interpreter and Emergency System to contact emergency centers. The AI interprets their signed messages, whether words or letters, allowing operators to receive the crucial information. This project significantly improves communication and support for individuals facing communication challenges in emergency scenarios, empowering them to seek assistance effectively.

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