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Meet Mr. Mike: Your Artificial Intelligence Screen Helper

Meet Mr. Mike, your friendly Artificial Intelligence Screen Helper, providing the latest information and entertainment with voice commands. ChenKai Fu, a student from Singapore, created this project using the PictoBlox platform.

Artificial Intelligence powers the project, utilizing PictoBlox extensions like Control Blocks, Python Weather Data, Text to Speech, and Music blocks. Control Blocks enable running the project based on user preferences, while Python Weather Data Extension displays weather data. Text to Speech Extension allows the project to generate synthesized speech, and Music Extension enables playing music.

To get started, users must call for Mr. Mike by sayinghello or any such keywords which will wake up the AI screen helper. Once Mr. Mike is awake, you can ask him to tell you the time, tell stories, riddles, and play music if requested. If Mr. Mike doesnt obtain the proper keywords, he will repeat what you said until you obtain the correct keyword.

Overall, the project by ChenKai Fu is a great way to get informed with just a voice command with Mr. Mike acting as your Artificial Intelligence Screen Helper.

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