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Be An Expert Driver – Game based Project

Students can now participate in Codeavour 2022 international coding competition with their projectBe an Expert Driver. This student designed the project in PictoBlox, a graphical programming language, which aims to make a smart transportation system and reduce the number of accidents in the world. The game has a car which needs to be steered in a certain direction with the help of four buttons. One of these buttons is the clutch, which helps to switch to higher gears. There are two boxes green and red and the game involves driving the car around these boxes. For each green box, one earns money, and if one touches the red box, one loses both money and lives.

The game also offers the opportunity to buy cars from the store with the money earned. If the car being driven is too fast, the police will intervene and cut ones money in addition to reducing the speed. One can play the game in auto mode, with the aim that the car reaches the finishing line without crashing, thus indicating a successful journey. The game also has a licensing feature for those who want to get their actual driving license. Subscribe and upvote the project at to make this project the winner of Codeavour 2022.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

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