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Self Driving Car – An Autonomous Vehicle

Introducing the Self-Driving Car project created by Lamar Ahmad & Hummam Ahmad from Jordan, it is the winner of the Codeavour 2021 AI International Competition. Autonomous vehicles are the next generation of cars, which are capable of driving themselves without a human driver. Self-driving cars offer numerous advantages such as reduced traffic congestion, improved fuel efficiency, enhanced safety, greater independence, environmental gains, cost savings, and more productivity.

Humam and Lamar created a City of blocks and streets by using a meter, tape, scissors, a black tip, and infrared sensor. They then programed an Arduino Mega board with PictoBlox, using extensions such as Speech Recognition, Recognition Cards, and Text to Speech to recognize the street signs. Each street joint had two to four conditional statements which would guide the card to drive through the city. In addition, they programmed five functions: forward, left, right, top, and green to follow the black line on the street.

Now, the Self-Driving Car project offers a glimpse into the autonomous vehicles of the future.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Speech Recognition

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