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Nocturne Future Drones: Exploring the Role of Drones in Pandemic Response

Manasvani Rajkumar from India created a project called ‘Nocturne Future Drones’ for the Codeavour 2021. The project focuses on the potential utilization of drones to respond to COVID-19. Manasvani identified three key use cases of drones based on the media reports – providing medical assistance, broadcasting, and disinfectant spraying. The project is created using PictoBlox which is a graphical programming software based on the latest version of Scratch. It makes coding easy and fun.

Manasvani used motion blocks for the movement of the drones, customized sound effects, create clone of myself blocks for spreading coronavirus, and other PictoBlox extension such as Text to Speech, evive Board, Actuators – evive & Arduino, Sensors – evive and Arduino, and Dabble. The aim of this project is to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of drones in pandemic response.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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