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RADIA AI : Empowering Radiology and Pathology with AI Excellence

Radia, a PictoBlox project, aims to reduce radiologists’ and pathologists’ workload, ensuring precise diagnoses and timely treatments. This enhances patient care and reduces human error, leading to improved outcomes and cost savings. The healthcare industry faces radiologist shortages, causing delays and misdiagnoses, impacting patient care quality. Radia addresses this with AI-driven disease diagnosis in radiographs and pathology samples. Trained on 50,000+ images, it detects over 25 pathologies, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, tumors, fractures, and cancer, suggesting treatments. The interactive radiology AI feature assists Radiologists during procedures. User-friendly, registration requires name, basic info, and email, with error prompts if needed. The product simplifies healthcare, benefitting both patients and medical professionals.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

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