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Artificial Intelligence Robot for Accurate Medicine Delivery

Team Imaginators introduces the innovative Medicine Checker & Distributor Robot, revolutionizing medication management in hospitals. The project employs advanced technology to accurately scan and verify medicine expiry dates. Unique QR codes are used to match medicines with patients, eliminating errors and ensuring safety. The robot efficiently verifies and distributes medicines, enhancing efficiency and safety for healthcare professionals and patients.

PictoBlox Extensions and Libraries like Text-to-Speech and QR Code Scanners power the robot. The Text-to-Speech component enables synthesized speech output using Amazon Web Services. The QR Code Scanner detects, identifies, and reads QR codes from images.

We conducted a demonstration to showcase the robot’s functionality, scanning three medicines with different expiry dates. The robot identifies patients through their unique QR codes, confirms their identity, and delivers the medicine. This project brings multiple benefits, including enhanced patient safety and reliable medication delivery in hospitals. Healthcare professionals can trust certified medications, ensuring accurate treatment for patients.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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