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Digital Incentive Spirometer for the Treatment of Respiratory Syndromes with Game Therapy

Respiratory syndromes such as COVID-19, asthma, and bronchitis can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. To address this issue, a student from Codeavour 2022 has developed an innovative project called the Game-Based Digital Incentive Spirometer. The Game-Based Digital Incentive Spirometer integrates interactive games into the respiratory therapy process, making it enjoyable and motivating for patients. The project team specifically designed games like Birthday Cake, Tropical Juice, and Balloon. That aims to improve breathing techniques while providing a fun experience. By creating a playful environment, this project aims to boost patient motivation, ultimately speeding up the recovery process.

The functionality of the Game-Based Digital Incentive Spirometer relies on an Arduino Nano connected to an airflow sensor, which detects the patient’s inspiratory or expiratory airflow. This data is then used to trigger visual actions within the games, creating an immersive experience for the patients. The device incorporates three types of valves: the pneumatic inspiratory valve, orifice valve, and expiratory valve. The physiotherapist can adjust these valves to predetermined levels based on their recommendations. We 3D-printed the valves and apparatus using antiviral plastic.

Respiratory exercises performed through the Game-Based Digital Incentive Spirometer can greatly benefit patients of all ages. Whether it’s strengthening inspiratory muscles with the Tropical Juice game or exercising expiratory muscles with the Burst Balloon game, these interactive games keep patients engaged and motivated throughout their treatment.

By combining the power of technology, gamification, and patient-centered design, this project provides an enjoyable and effective way to address respiratory syndromes.

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