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Think Pink: AI Program for Breast Tumor Recognition & Cancer Awareness

Think Pink is an AI-powered application to tackle the third United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Well-Being. It seeks to address two issues – lack of breast cancer awareness, leading to late diagnosis, and medical mistakes in diagnosis.

Think Pink uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the detection of benign or malignant breast tumors through X-ray images. Along with tumor recognition, it also provides a comprehensive activity book to spread breast cancer awareness. It discusses early detection, types of examinations, and treatments for the same. The application also comes with an infographic to spread awareness and instructions to diagnose breast cancer.

Think Pink creates awareness of the importance of early cancer detection, which increases the chance of survival with fewer side effects and invasive procedures. The application also reduces medical mistakes in diagnoses and helps doctors provide better treatments. In addition to this, it allows everyone to develop their medical knowledge with the help of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

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