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Experience the Thrilling Red Light & Green Light Game with AI Integration

Welcome to Squid Game v1.2, an AIpowered game inspired by the hit movie of 2021. Almira Nindya Pakerti, a 9yearold from Indonesia, created the game for the international online artificial intelligence and coding competition Codeavour 2021. The game merges classic ideas of the kid’s game, Red Light & Green Light, and cuttingedge machine learning technology.

The game works using an image model and simple blinking of the eyes. Players navigate through obstacles, controlling their movement by closing and opening their eyes. To create the game, Almira used the Google Teachable machine and 400 images for the training class separated intoon andoff which signify whether the eyes need to be open or closed for the game. After loading the model to PictoBlox, she was able to call the class and create the control with ifthenelse statements.

This thrilling game merges fun and education in a unique way. Children can have fun while learning about the amazing possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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