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Smart Bag

Introducing the Smart Bag, a remarkable project created by Abderahman Habi from Algeria using PictoBlox. This innovative solution tackles the common problem faced by children – forgetting their textbooks. With the Smart Bag, students can now enhance their academic achievement by ensuring they always have the right textbooks with them.

The implementation of the project involves various PictoBlox extensions and hardware components such as the QR Code Scanner, evive & Arduino actuators, evive and Arduino sensors, Dabble, and Display Modules. These technologies work in harmony to create an intelligent bag that revolutionizes the way children organize their study materials.

The Smart Bag utilizes a QR code scanning system. Each textbook is equipped with a unique QR code that the bag can recognize. When a student places a textbook in the bag, the QR code scanner instantly identifies the book and registers it in the system. This process ensures that the bag keeps track of all the textbooks inside.

To enhance the user experience, the Smart Bag features actuators and sensors. These components enable the bag to provide real-time feedback to the student.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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