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Hydrophonic Planting System – Plant Care with AI

HydroSmart, a student-made project created with PictoBlox, is an automated hydroponic planting system. It increases the rate of plant growth through intelligent automation. The firmware consists of an Arduino-based hardware which helps the plants to grow without any user intervention. It includes components like relays, sensors, motors, and an LCD. The sensors detect the water level, the temperature, and the humidity of the system while the pumps let the water to move and prevent algae from building up inside the water system.

The project also includes other features like a database system to keep track of the plants, a control panel to reset and monitor different plants, and an IFTTT-based network to link social media and email for communication. When a plant is scanned, an email confirmation is sent. Moreover, the IFTTT-based network posts the addition or removal of the plant into the HydroSmart community’s Facebook page. So, now tracking the plants in the system has become easier for the user.

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