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Enhanced Student Timetable Management | Smart School Bag

The Smart School Bag is an innovative AI-based solution for students that helps to manage their timetables and ensures their safety. With the help of the Smart School Bag, students can easily scan the unique QR Code attached to each of their textbooks. This allows them to remember the books they need to carry and helps them better prepare for their studies.

The project uses three PictoBlox extensions — QR Code Scanner, Text to Speech, and Displays Modules — to make the system functional. QR Code Scanner uses the pattern of black lines and white spaces to identify the unique six-digit identifier. Text to Speech uses Amazon Web Services to create synthesized speech for the project. Finally, Display Modules – evive & Arduino helps to control the various displays, such as LEDs, for the project.

The Smart School Bag is a great example of how Artificial Intelligence can help improve academic performance and safety. It is also an entry in the Codeavour 2022 challenge, which involves creating useful projects with PictoBlox.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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