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BabySense: Smart Baby Mattress

Introducing Smart Matteress for Baby – an innovative project created by Adam Almoatasim Bellah Mohammed Amer from Egypt. This project is an intelligent baby mattress that helps ensure peaceful and high-quality sleep for babies. With a suite of advanced sensors, this mattress detects motion, voice, and moisture and provides gentle vibration, soothing light, and calming music. This helps babies go back to sleep easily and provides mothers with regular notifications to monitor their baby’s sleep patterns. To create this project, Adam used PictoBlox along with its two extensions; Dabble and Display Modules – evive & Arduino.
This project uses a wide range of sensors like a motion sensor, sound sensor, and a Servo motor to produce a non-destructive vibration to provide uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, it also consists of a Speaker to give out a calming sound that promotes a relaxed sleep.
All the data is sent to the mother’s mobile which provides her with real-time updates. This way, mothers can keep track of their child’s sleep pattern and ensure their baby’s sleep remains peaceful and comforting.
Therefore, the ‘Smart Matteress for Baby’ project can become an asset for the community and parents all over the world.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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