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Smart Baby Crying Analyzer – A New Parent Assistant

The traditional way of parenting often disregards decoding the baby’s cries, which can create difficulty for new parents in providing the immediate care their babies require.

The Smart Baby Crying Analyzer addresses this issue. Developed with the help of Dr. Mohamed Salah Shabib, the AI-based device studies different types of cries and accurately identifies them. Using PictoBlox, an educational development platform. The student-developer has integrated voice recognition and cry analysis. It was designed to help parents instantly respond to their little bundle of joy’s needs.

Whether it is hunger, burping, sleepiness, or any other issue, the device deciphers the cries. It also plays the corresponding audio as a solution for the same. The Smart Assistant brings a sense of relief to parents, allowing them to better take care of their babies with confidence. Codeavour 2022 project tag helps to differentiate this project from others.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

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