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Man developed the Kisan Dost project to reduce farmer suicides in India caused by inadequate income from poor crop yields. The project uses Arduino Uno, a servo motor, and a pH sensor to create a Seed box. The Seed box identifies soil properties and dispenses seeds accordingly for maximum crop yield. PictoBlox software authenticates registered farmers.

The Arduino Uno serves as the microcontroller, taking data from the pH sensor and commanding the servo motor to dispense seeds after authentication. The pH sensor determines soil acidity, basicity, and neutrality.

The project tested two types of soil, acidic and basic. When the farmer’s name is written and enter is pressed, a recognition window opens, and the appropriate seed is dispensed based on the soil.

Kisan Dost excellently automates the agricultural process, helping farmers earn the right income from their crops.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

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