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FloodGuardian: IoT-based Flood Alert System for Schools

Natural disasters, like floods, occur more frequently worldwide. In Malaysia, floods commonly happen during the year-end monsoon season.

To safeguard schools and students from floods, we propose a flood alert system using IoT technology. The system comprises an ESP32 microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, and colored LEDs that indicate flood levels.

Parents join a Telegram group for flood alerts. When a flood occurs, the ultrasonic sensor detects rising water levels and sends notifications to users’ phones via Telegram.

The system has four levels: Standby (green LED blinks), Warning (yellow LED blinks), Record (red LED blinks), and Danger (alternating red and yellow LEDs blink).

We demonstrated the flood alert system’s prototype using LEGO, showcasing its potential to protect communities from flood damage.

To improve the system, consider accuracy, scalability, power supply, and integration with other sensors. Public awareness of the system’s use is crucial.

In conclusion, the IoT flood alert system can help schools and communities respond to floods, minimizing damage and ensuring safety.

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