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SMART Bus: Transforming Pune’s Public Transport through Digital Innovation

Introducing SMART Bus, an innovative app designed by passionate students from Mah SSS BSN Campus in Pune, India. This solution aims to enhance the public transport experience by streamlining the bus network, improving infrastructure, and offering user-friendly features. SMART Bus leverages digital innovation, gamification, and a mobile app to provide efficient ticket purchasing, real-time bus tracking, and improved bus stops. The app’s features include electronic ticket purchasing, an interactive bus stop map, and the development of electronic bus passes. Users can track buses, plan journeys, and make informed decisions based on real-time bus occupancy and arrival times. The app also introduces SMART Bus coins as a convenient currency for digital transactions. SMART Bus plans to expand coverage, partner with the local transport authority, and make further advancements in the future. Developed using PictoBlox, this student-led initiative demonstrates the power of technology in transforming public transport and improving the lives of commuters. Join SMART Bus and experience a smarter and greener future of public transport in Pune.

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