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AI-Based Space Mining for Precious Resources

Space Mining is an innovative method to extract valuable resources from asteroids orbiting near Earth. NASA and many others are pursuing this idea as a futuristic concept for obtaining resources, and one student has merged it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create an AI-based telescope and mining vehicle. An 11-year-old has designed a project to explore outer space.

Prithwatalya has written a program code for the telescope, AI-based mining vehicle, asteroid, Earth, and lightning. The AI-powered telescope can detect and identify near-earth asteroids which contain carbon, water, and rare metals like iron, nickel, gold, and platinum. The mining operation extracts three types of asteroids: C (carbonaceous, dark, and carbonaceous asteroid), S (rocky and silica asteroid), and M (metallic asteroid). He used two AI-based PictoBlox extensions: human body detection and text-to-speech. The Human Body Detection extension from Python detects the body and hand landmark points from a camera or stage. The Text to Speech extension from Amazon Web Services converts a text to synthesized speech.

This extraordinary idea will revolutionize how resources are gathered in the future. It will also help fight against water crises by extracting hydrogen from water as fuel for space journeys.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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