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The Intelligent Garbage Sorter System- AI for Effective Waste Management

The Intelligent Garbage Sorter System (IGSS) is an innovative project that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize waste management. Created by Sana Al Ashqar from Palestine, this project aims to classify various types of waste into ten distinct categories, including glass, paper, cardboard, clothes, shoes, plastic, batteries, organic materials, metals, and mixed waste.

The project incorporates PictoBlox, a versatile programming platform, to develop an efficient waste sorting system. With the help of PictoBlox extensions (Text to Speech), Dabble, and Display Modules, the IGSS project achieves seamless waste classification. The system consists of ten garbage recycling bins, each designated for a specific waste category.

When initiated, the project’s AI model identifies and recognizes different types of waste placed in front of the camera. Through training the model on a vast array of waste images, IGSS effectively detects and categorizes the waste material. Once the waste type is determined, the system takes appropriate action. It directs the waste to the corresponding bin, announces the waste name using Text to Speech, and plays relevant sounds to indicate the sorting process. The project also provides immediate feedback, prompting the user to try again if the waste classification is unsuccessful.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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