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AquaSense: Automated Water Quality Monitoring System

In regions like Iraq, where water resources are under threat, there is a need for automated water quality monitoring systems to identify the sources of water pollution and ensure water is pure and safe.
Mohammad Yahya Mohammad from Iraq created a project named AquaSense to address this crucial environmental issue. The project utilizes hardware components such as Arduino UNO, a digital temperature sensor, pH sensor, TDS meter, and an Esp8266 WIFI module. Software components include Arduino IDE, PictoBlox, and blynk cloud, an IoT software platform.

The project starts with testing the system on alkaline and acidic water samples with different temperatures and soft percentage samples. It also takes readings of the temperature, TDS, and pH of water, sending the data to the Blynk cloud platform for analysis. After collecting the data, it is possible for the personnel responsible for identifying the source of contamination. Furthermore, this system is partially applied in Euphrates river levels and has the potential to be further improved.

Thus, this project strives to provide immediate and meaningful solutions to water scarcity crisis and global water pollution. And, it will contribute to the preservation of clean water resources for ecological and human well-being.

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