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Automated Cable Car: Say Goodbye to Congestion

Experience the future of public transportation with our innovative cable car system developed by Team TECHNO FUTURE. We created a solution to address the congestion issues in cities, taking efforts to minimize air and noise pollution and reduce traffic. Our project uses advanced technology including facial recognition, machine learning, and QR technology for efficient booking and verification.

We used PictoBlox to design the automated cable car that moves on a pulley connected to a motor. The cable car halts when an obstacle triggers the ultrasonic sensor. The motor can be powered by renewable energy. Additionally, we included extensions like speech recognition, QR code scanner, and text-to-speech to ensure an enjoyable traveling experience for our riders.

The speech recognition extension converts voice to text and the text-to-speech extension generates synthesized, audible voice from text input. The QR code scanner identifies, detects and reads images from QR codes.

Farewell, long commutes, traffic jams, and air pollution! Our cable car model is the sustainable and time-saving answer to urban transportation needs.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Speech Recognition

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