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Master Bot – An Automated Industrial Solution

The industrial sector is ever-growing and so are the requirements for faster, better products. To meet those needs, an innovative solution such as Master Bot can help keep up with the pace. Master Bot is a project developed with PictoBlox, purpose-built to solve the challenge of industrial automation.

The PictoBlox Extension Library, including Actuators evive and Arduino, Sensors evive and Arduino, Dabble, and Robotic Arm, enables Master Bot to facilitate dynamic product sorting and object transfer between locations quickly and effortlessly.

The sensors and actuators are used to detect and respond to changes in the environment. This data can be programmed to send the objects from one location to another. Moreover, Dabble technology makes it easy to set up both, the pickup and drop locations, with a few clicks. It is capable of scaling up to larger operations with ease.

Master Bot is a compact, cost-effective, and efficient solution for industrial automation. It can help bring down the time required to complete repetitive tasks and increase productivity. It can also be used to automate mundane tasks, thus eliminating human fatigue and potential errors.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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