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SenseKid: AI-powered Sensing Safety of Children at Home

SenseKid is a groundbreaking sensor that helps ensure children’s safety at home. The project is programmed to recognize hazardous locations like balconies, terraces, and swimming pools. It can assess a child’s height to trigger alarms. It also sends notifications to the parent’s smartphones and alerts the child to return indoors.

The students create the project using PictoBlox, employing two extensions (Text2Speech and Object Detection) and Python code. They activate the camera to detect a person and analyze their height. If the program detects a height below 140 centimeters (considered an average child height) and detects only one person, it plays the alarm and sends notifications. However, if the program detects two persons, with one person being an adult accompanied by a child, it does not trigger the alarm.

To conclude, the SenseKid project made using PictoBlox helps ensure children’s safety by alerting the parents when the child is in a potentially hazardous area. It sends messages, sets off an alarm, and informs the child to return indoors.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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