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Make a Change: An Educational Project to Teach Kids About Pollution

Kids learning about pollution is key to safeguard the environment for a better future. Arshia Datta from India has innovatively created a project, using Pictoblox, to do just that. “Make a Change” is an enticing educational project that teaches kids about pollution with three key points, learning, doodling, and video game.

The learning area in the project comprises of four topics – Global Warming, Pollution, Nature and Wildlife. The topics are presented in an interactive way and are child-friendly. Through the project, kids learn about the causes as well as the effects of pollution. The topics also talk about the steps one can take to avoid further destruction. For example, using more renewable energy, opting for energy efficiency and stopping deforestation.

The project also includes four interactive video games – Pollution, Wildlife, Nature and Global Warming. The games are engaging and involve a variety of actions to help the users understand the topics better. For example, to win the Pollution game, the user has to continuously click on the plastic bin to reduce the pollution levels. Similarly, the Wildlife game will ask the users to differentiate between wild and domestic animals to win.

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