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Easy Grocery Shopping for the Blind | PictoBlox

Embark on a heartwarming journey with our project – “Blind Person Shopping.” This project demonstrates how Artificial Intelligence assists visually impaired individuals during grocery shopping.

The project addresses the challenge of blind people shopping independently by integrating AI into the store using a voice-based recognition-powered robot. PictoBlox’s Text to Speech extension enables communication between the user and the robot. The robot scans the user’s order, confirms it, and processes a payment of 200 rupees.

Additionally, the robot sanitizes the entire store to ensure safety during pandemics. Using the Looks, Control, and Text-to-Speech library, created a project offering visually impaired individuals a hassle-free shopping experience.

Thanks to this project, disabled individuals can now independently purchase goods at a store, eliminating their dependence on others for support.

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