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Smart Transportation system

The core of the project is a 3D game environment that simulates smart transportation scenarios. The environment comprises layers of frames, cleverly designed to create a 3D-like experience. Within this virtual world, users have two options for navigation: they can either manually drive a car using the keyboard or opt for the smart transportation system.

To enhance the experience and simulate real-life scenarios, the student also implemented a password protection feature for the cars. Users must input the correct password to unlock the car, mimicking real-world security measures.

Through this ingenious project, the student has successfully addressed smart transportation challenges by creating an interactive 3D game environment. The implementation of the BFS algorithm, password protection, and various control options add depth and realism to the experience. Moreover, the educational aspect of the game furthers its value as a valuable tool for learning about smart transportation.

With innovative projects like this, we can look forward to more sustainable and efficient transportation solutions for our ever-growing communities.

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