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MobiliAid: Empowering Mobility for the Disabled with an Innovative Smart Wheelchair Project

This project is an innovative smart wheelchair that aims to empower physically disabled individuals with an independent means of navigation and mobility. The wheelchair incorporates multiple control options to cater to different needs. With assigned sign language commands, deaf and mute individuals can control the wheelchair just like any person without a disability. Those with physical disabilities can operate the wheelchair using a conveniently accessible keypad. Lastly, users can even remotely control their wheelchairs with a smartphone. In this way, MobiliAid reduces the need for wheelchair users to depend on caretakers for navigation, providing them with greater autonomy and independence.

The project is based on PictoBlox, with the use of two major extensions Display Modules Evive & Arduino, and Dabble. Display Modules are blocks enabling easy control of various display modules, enhancing user convenience. Dabble Extension facilitates communication between Evive and Arduino boards. It empowers the project to fulfill its goal and improve the lives of physically challenged individuals.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used

Display Modules

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