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Canteen Waster: An Innovative System for Promoting Plastic Waste Management

Canteen Waster automates and maintains cleanliness in schools, colleges, and offices. Students actively participate by depositing plastic items into the machine for canteen discounts.

To use the system, a student scans a QR code with their ID card. Machine learning detects cap wrappers and cans, saving data on Excel and the student list sheet. Points accumulate for monthly redemption, including complimentary breakfast for collecting items like 5 coke trash cans.

Canteen Waster is vital during busy canteen times, reducing trash while rewarding students.

Title: Automate Canteen Waster Slug: automate-canteen-waster Meta description: Canteen Waster automates surroundings and maintains canteen cleanliness.

With Canteen Waster, students deposit plastic items for canteen discounts.

Keywords: Canteen Waster, Automate Surroundings, College Students, Canteen Discounts, Clean Canteen Project Tags: Canteen Waster, Waste Management, Machine Learning, Automated Systems, Coupon Collection, Plastic Waste Reduction

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