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Corona Fighting Game and Save the Princess!

Yaseen Mohamed from Egypt has created an innovative project with PictoBlox – the Corona Fighting Game and Save the Princess project. This project uses the Human Body Detection, Text to Speech, and Evive Board PictoBlox extensions. Along with various sensors and actuators to create a unique gaming experience.

The game works like this: the prince fights different types of Coronaviruses as he moves forward and the Sensors unblock the path for him as he defeats the viruses. The Evive
e Board and Actuators control the prince’s movement, and the Human Body Detection helps the prince detect and fight the viruses. The project also uses the Text to Speech extension to communicate with the user. Finally, the Dabble extension records the score and declares the winner when the princess is saved.

Yaseen achieved success at the Codeavour Competition with this project. Join the prince in his quest to fight and save the princess from the coronavirus.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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