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Save Earth from the Killer Asteroid Didymos: Play Celestial Mechanics Game

Play the Celestial Mechanics Game and save Earth from the Killer Asteroid Didymos!

Use powerful laser beams and celestial mechanics to push the asteroid and navigate through space. Apply your physics knowledge and avoid gravitational forces to divert the asteroid’s trajectory. Coding empowers people to create their own projects, like this one using the PictoBlox interactive platform. The game utilizes various libraries and extensions like control, events, text-to-speech, and pen blocks. Four characters (Laurel, Alien, Hazel, and Abby) embark on an outer-world adventure. They discuss the impact of asteroids on Earth in a conversation between the Alien and Hazel.

Core blocks like switches, drops, hide-and-show, motion, and sensing blocks control the project’s flow. We create laser beams using the clone concept to hit the asteroids. Variables display the number of blasted asteroids and asteroids hitting Earth. Save Earth in this game by blasting 20 asteroids. Discover and raise awareness about International Asteroid Day, celebrated on June 30.


PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used



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