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Smart Pharmacy : The future of pharmacy services

Jamil Yousef, a 12-year-old student, has ingeniously developed Future Smart Pharmacy using EV3, a webcam, Arduino Uno, and PictoBlox. This project is an innovative solution that addresses the issue of lengthy medicine wait times. People with chronic illnesses often spend considerable time and effort visiting the clinic monthly. However, this project revolutionizes the medical sector by automating the medicine-dispensing process.

The Future Smart Pharmacy, capable of recognizing patients’ faces, significantly streamlines medicine dispensation, benefiting pharmacists, doctors, and patients alike. Whether new or returning, patients only need one clinic visit for registration, and subsequently, they can effortlessly receive medicine at the Smart Pharmacy. Jamil’s project involves various stages, beginning with the patient pressing the ‘clinic’ button and providing essential details and a photo.

The Future Smart Pharmacy is an automated, efficient, and seamless process that promises to enhance the medical system, ultimately saving patients and doctors considerable time, money, and effort

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