Python Based Sign Detection Controlled Mecanum

Example Description
Learn how to code logic for video input detection with this example code. You will be able to direct your own Mecanum easily by just showing signs through the camera input.


A sign detector Mecanum robot is a robot that can recognize and interpret certain signs or signals, such as hand gestures or verbal commands, given by a human. The robot uses sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms to detect and understand the sign, and then performs a corresponding action based on the signal detected.

These robots are often used in manufacturing, healthcare, and customer service industries to assist with tasks that require human-like interaction and decision making.


sprite = Sprite('Tobi')
quarky = Quarky()
import time
recocards = RecognitionCards()"on flipped")

while True:
  sign = recocards.classname()
  sprite.say(sign + ' detected')
  if recocards.count() > 1:
    if 'Go' in sign:
    if 'Turn Left' in sign:
      meca.runtimedrobot("lateral left",100,2)
    if 'Turn Right' in sign:
      meca.runtimedrobot("lateral right",100,2)
    if 'U Turn' in sign:


  1. Firstly, the code sets up the stage camera to look for signs and detects and recognizes the signs showed on the camera.
  2. Next, the code starts a loop where the stage camera continuously checks for the signs.
  3. Finally, if the robot sees certain signs (like ‘Go’, ‘Turn Left’, ‘Turn Right’, or ‘U Turn’), it moves in a certain direction (forward, backward, left, or backward) based on the respective signs.
  4. This can help the Mecanum to manoeuvre through the terrain easily by just showing signs on the camera.

Final Output

Forward Motion:

Right-Left Motions:

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