IoT Module – Internet

Perform HTTP GET requests right from the hardware! Observe the request execution and response in real-time.

Oscilloscope Module

Analyze and visualize the data read by your hardware board on your Smartphone. Record the data and store it in the form of a CSV.

Music Module

The music module allows you to play songs, audio, and MP3 files of the Smartphone by sending the command from your hardware board.

Color Detector

Process live video stream and color detection as per the selected settings.

Data Logger Module

Configure, create, and save files and monitor them while they are being logged.

Input Module

Provides analog inputs using the knobs and the slide bar and digital inputs via tactile switches.

Motor Control Module

ON or OFF the actuators along with controlling the speed and the direction of them.

Pin State Monitor Module

Remotely monitor the live status of devices and debug them by the pin values- both digital and analog.

Gamepad Module

Make your phone a digital or an analog (Joystick or Accelerometer) controller.

Terminal Module

Send and receive textual as well as voice commands to and from the board.