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HydroDrive: The Green Hydrogen-Powered Adventure Game

The project “HydroDrive: The Green Hydrogen Car Adventure Game” was created by Omar Karim Mohamed Ahmed from Egypt using PictoBlox. It is an animation project aimed at educating young minds on the effects of global warming and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The project features two challenging levels with a target score of 40 points to complete. The goal is to collect green hydrogen while avoiding petrol fuel. Once the goals are achieved, players progress to the next level. This project is a great way to learn the importance of reducing global emissions by using clean energy sources and reducing petrol fuel consumption.

To build the project, Omar used PictoBlox software and its extensions. He also incorporated the PictoBlox library to allow for more complex animation and story-telling.

This project is an effective way to inform and educate young minds on the impact of global warming and the importance of conservation and the use of clean energy sources.

PictoBlox Extensions/Library Used


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